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Friday, November 9, 2007

Black and White | Red, Black and White | Colour

I often have to make a choice when I produce an illustration and more often than not I choose the most economic approach, mainly because of budget and economy. Illustration is a tough buissness if you do it with tight constraints. It is I guess part of the trick to over come this problem. As an Illustrator I conciously made a desicion to cast away all my sense of freedom and constrain my use of colour to black and white because I felt that it would suggest a sense of directness and style and taste. That was before moving on to red black and white. There are the conotations of clash, punk situationistic, electronic, culture and music, and yes it's a lot of fun to work in these none colours. It can even be cheaper to print in one colour if black printing doesn't involve 4 or 3 colour process. That is value for money. But the human nature, age and cultural experience doesn't permit us to always appreciaate this simple basic none colour process and why should it. I mean if everything was black and white it could get a bit unexciting, and tedious.
Usage of the red black and white has similar impact although the use of red is more striking in my eyes the correct shade of red raises the blood pressure, and may even make a more emotional impact on the individual. I guess you could say that the combination of colours also has a historical background with 2nd world war germany. There is also a refrence to art of the soviet union and posters. My personal refrence in this time even though I used this combination before with out refrence. Would be to an artist called Malovich, introduced to me by an artist coleuge. It came to my attentionthat this was a trend. I did notice that however that using these colours at this time seemed to be a statement that the artist like my self had reached an absolution a resolve and branded recognition, a clear message of elitism as Malovitch saw absolute supremecy in his work. We can theorize about the use of colour but quite clearly meaning can be adabted and changed over time.
Mean while these colour combos can be used to suggest elitist activity, they serve a purpose that in there basic nature they set a foundation for building a larger colour palate that can be built over a period of time. A structural approach to colour coding.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Virtually Holiday

Experimental short using dynamic type, as a moving image/illstrative tool, and sound.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mama DC

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This is a website and identity designed for Mama DC a musician moving from world music to the pop world. Mama being suggestive of the stereo type world music and DC something electrical a modern symbol. The identity is built on illustration.

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